About Me

me and R2D2
Alicia and R2D2

I have been teaching students to learn how to problem-solve for over 20 years through courses in mathematics, physics, and computer science.  I am passionate about teaching people to learn to code, utilizing technology, design thinking, and STEM/STEAM.  I am a strong advocate for interdisciplinary learning and team teaching. I encourage students to take risks in their learning and celebrate their failures along the way to gaining real skills and knowledge.  I have been working with teachers to infuse technology into their classrooms as well, teaching various workshops.

I am active with Makerspaces and Digital Fabrication.  I believe all educators and students are makers! They learn by creating and doing.  Every class can incorporate Makerspace into the curriculum.  I have consulted with various schools on building their MakerSpaces and incorporating design thinking.   In 2020, I was recognized by NCWIT NJ with the Aspirations in Computing Education award. 

Yes, after 20 years I am getting my Master of Education! It will continue to evolve as I reflect on the classes and my continued learning of Instructional Media. 

My previous blog is located here.

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