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Action Research

As the seven weeks of action research finished, I discovered I still enjoy doing research. Knowing you are passionate about your topic moves you forward. I was able to gain insight into my teachings. I have been utilizing the most common cybersecurity topics in my classroom: password security, online digital safety of personal information, etc.…

Inquiry based Research Update: DATA DATA DATA

It’s been two weeks since I posted about learning about action research.  I have decided on a question based upon not being in a classroom currently and reflecting upon weaknesses of my teaching CS.  I felt I would love to learn more about teaching cybersecurity.  I don’t have enough knowledge to do this well, and…

Inquiry Based Research

My next set of classes has started.  We are reading The Reflective Educator’s Guide to Classroom Research in one class, and Chapter 1 mentions starting an inquiry journal.  The book is about doing inquiry-based research or active research in your classroom.  It discusses the importance of intentionally writing down the observations of the class (Dana…

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